Lavender essential oil heals headache?

Scientists from the Medical University of Mashhad in Iran and the University of münster in Germany conducted jointly study whether lavender essential oil be used as a "mood stabilizer" is a means to improve health, relieve headaches, as well as analgesic and wound healing.

First, the researchers conducted a test on the effectiveness of treatment of migraine, essential oils of lavender in a clinical setting. Forty-seven volunteers suffering from migraine were divided into two groups. The first group was kept for 15 minutes a pair of essential oils of lavender, the second control group received under the form of liquid paraffin. Patients were asked to record at intervals of 30 minutes of their condition, as well as facilitated if their headache.

It turned out that using a visual rating scale in the group, which gave the lavender, headache decreased by 3.6 points, while in the group, which gave paraffin, on ,1 6 points. Since the difference in the reduction of headache was found to be statistically significant, lavender oil has been recognized as a remedy for headache.

Of the 129 headaches it could facilitate 92. However, the placebo control group healed 38 bouts from the 64.

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Thus, lavender essential oil really helps with acute migraine attacks and can even relieve headaches. Other properties of lavender oil while being investigated.

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