Laughter improves memory and helps to escape from stress - scientists

On the eve of researchers from Loma Linda University in California have found an interesting fact. It appears to have a good memory and do not suffer from high levels of stress, only need to laugh more. Such positive effects has this good habit, says ABC News.

In the study, experts from California spent experience: 20 volunteers spent 20 minutes watching a funny video. The second group (control) was taken for comparison of results.

After watching the volunteers were tested for memory and cortisol in saliva. Cortisol is a hormone that determines the level of stress and inflammatory reactions in the human body. It turned out that cheerful and funny videos improved memory and reduced stress levels.

Data scientists explain the increase of endorphins in the body. This leads to more active transfer of dopamine in the brain, which creates the effect of joy, increases the activity of the cortex of the brain and improves memory.

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