Laughter can be the cause of death - scientists believe

British researchers conducted a study in which the set of positive and negative sides with laughter. It turns out that laughter can not only prolong life, but also become the cause of death.

Scientists have long examined the phenomenon of human laughter. Until recently it was believed that it has a positive effect on the functional state of the body and prolongs life. However, recent studies in this area show that in some cases laughter can cause death. Medicine is already known history, when laughter came the syndrome of sudden death due to heart attack.

Is "bursting with laughter" you really are. Laughter suffer initially weak organs of the cardiovascular and digestive system. In addition, laughter can provoke the development of epilepsy and asthma attacks. Such conclusions were made by a group of British scientists during research of laughter.

Nevertheless, the positive properties of laughter offset its disadvantages. It helps to burn calories, strengthens muscles. Some scientists have linked the laughter and the blood sugar level, which is able to decline when people long laughs.

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