"Laughing gas" want to ban

90 percent nitrous oxide, which is called laughing gas, has long been in Europe another alternative club drugs and alcohol in Russia is widespread in Nightclubs he received this summer. Inhalation of this gas has a tonic effect on the neurons and causes euphoria. Packed "laughing gas" in the ordinary balloons.

Russian doctors and the drug police are sounding the alarm and require to stop the spread of gas. Nitrous oxide can cause serious damage to the Central nervous system of man and his brain. The spread of laughing gas in our country threatens the health of citizens.

Soon the drug police will have to monitor not only the drug flows, now in the list of dangerous things will get inflatable balls.

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Additionally, the head of Rospotrebnadzor proposed to close the sites that sell this gas, although to regulate its sale is extremely difficult, because the sale of the balls produced in many cities directly with machines.

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