Later breastfeeding is the cause of early tooth decay

Scientists from America found an interesting pattern. It turns out that it is not always breast-feeding is good for the child. This information applies exclusively to children older than two years and mothers still breastfeeding, writes The Daily Mail. In this case, significantly increases the risk of caries development.

The information was confirmed during the study with the participation of 458 children. At the time of the study, each child was able to chew solid food. Dental health of children were assessed at ages 6, 12 and 38 months. In addition, the estimated amount of breast milk consumed to a certain age. Interested scientists and a number of other consumable liquids.

Usually by year, parents were introduced as a complementary fruit, meat, vegetables, biscuits. It was found that children receiving breast milk at the age of two years old, at the time of the study had problems with the enamel in 40% of cases. At the age of two years, the frequency has increased to 48%.

Most likely, the fault is not so much breast milk as its combination with modern foods rich in sugars. Excess sugar affects the condition of the teeth and is conducive to bacterial growth.

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