Last year in Ukraine, the number of new HIV cases started to decrease

Tonio Borg, European Commissioner of health and consumer protection, highlighted the successes of Ukrainian specialists in the fight against HIV/AIDS. He said this during a meeting in Brussels meeting with the head of the health Ministry of Ukraine Raisa Bohatyryova. The press service of the Ministry of health of Ukraine informs that during the meeting the sides touched upon topics relating to issues of HIV/AIDS. These questions are among the most important in the agenda of cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union.

Bogatyrev, in turn, noted that in recent years in the country there are signs of a slowdown in the spread of HIV infection, and in addition there is a tendency to reduce the number of reported new cases of HIV infection among drug users. Until 2011 the number of HIV cases in Ukraine continued to grow, and only in 2012, the situation began to change: the number of new HIV cases began to decline, and this process continued in the current year. Also, the Minister of health invited the Commissioner to visit Ukraine in the autumn of 2013, the year when there will be a Conference dedicated to the issues of HIV/AIDS.

In response to the invitation Borg promised to find time to visit the country, to get acquainted with the achievements of Ukrainian specialists in the fight against HIV infections. In addition, according to the press service of the Ministry of the country, Bogatyreva participated in the opened the international conference "the Right to health, right to life" and met with Luisa Lonesom, Director of the office of the United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS.

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