Laser vision correction

Laser surgery is an effective method of restoring vision, allowing 95% of the time to avoid re-operation. Before pregunte to laser vision correction, you need to explore all modern methods of restoring vision and work together with your doctor to find more suitable for you. Learn about modern mtodo vision recovery can continue.

Before you make an appointment for a consultation, it is useful to know about the operation, indications and contraindications to it.


Main indications: persistent myopia and hyperopia, as well as in combination with astigmatism. With myopia correction to be carried out up to -10 diopters hyperopia up to +6 diopters and astigmatism up to 4 diopters.


Despite its advertised advantages, laser correction is not suitable for everyone. It makes no sense to hold children, the vision is changing and it is impossible to accurately predict what it will become in the future. So it is not necessary to make a correction for the elderly, which was difficult to read without glasses, because such an operation does not greatly change the situation that we have lost the ability to see distant objects.

It is impossible to perform correction pregnant because birth is a strong stress on the body, and within one year after the correction, they are strictly prohibited. Also in the body of a pregnant woman is constantly changing hormones, and this may affect the shape of the eyeball.

Vision correction is prohibited in case of cataract, glaucoma, infectious diseases of the eye, a recent surgery for retinal detachment, because of the potential risk of complications.

Operation not allowed for people with disabilities of view developed in the next 12 months. Likely to be offered treatment (anti-inflammatory, "stitching" of the retina and other) and after correction (post-operative recovery).

Preparing for examination and surgery

To restore the natural shape of the cornea, not before correction to wear lenses (soft, not less than 7 days, and hard not less than 14 days).

Before surgery are blood tests (General, HIV, hepatitis B and C) for safety precautions.

You must not eat for two days prior to surgery spirits, and during the day it is forbidden to apply makeup to the eye area.

You need to have a passport and if you have the results of the earlier surveys.

Laser treatment

Before surgery, the eye area is cleaned with a special solution. Then in eyes injected with anesthetic drops and set vekorasshiriteli.

The doctor, using the necessary data, programs excimer laser and puts the tool that allows you to separate and divert the flap from the cornea. No discomfort does not occur.

Then the doctor asks the patient to look at the red light and not wiggle eyes. When the eye movement stops the beam and increases the duration of the operation.

Work laser usually takes primerno minutes, without pain and other unpleasant sensations.

The flap after the operation returns to the place and the patient is given time to rest with your eyes closed.

For quality control of laser correction conducted a study on the slit lamp. Then the eyes instilled special drops, and, if necessary, is applied a protective bandage or put a special lens.

After two hours after the correction, you can use normal vision, but it is better to refrain from driving, because the vision is not usual and may slightly blurred.

The postoperative period.

Follow all recommendations of the doctor after the operation, should provide the effect of laser correction.

The first time you cannot touch your eyes, to drink alcohol. After the correction, you cannot wash your hair for 3 days and wash to prevent infection. If there are any unusual sensations, should immediately contact the clinic.

Within two weeks of the eye, do not RUB, to protect them from the bright light, and not to apply makeup to eyes. Also you cannot have eyes fell chilled or hot air.

A month after the vision correction you cannot engage in active sports, swim in the pool, to the sauna. But generally 30 days after surgery can already return to normal life, limiting him, something that brings harm to eyesight.

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