Laser vision correction - what you need to know

Laser correction is a unique way once and for all get rid of vision problems. In recent years more and more people suffering from low vision. And it is no wonder that a whole day before computer monitor, adversely affects human vision. This is especially true for children who, because of the games on the computer at an early age have to buy lenses or glasses.

After the laser correction of vision problems can be forgotten, throw glasses and lenses. Changes made to the laser device support vision for several decades. Therefore, all spent on the procedure funds will certainly pay off and will not be in vain.

Before resorting to this procedure, you should know some important facts. The procedure only young adults. As the laser correction is performed on the fully formed organism. To 18 years the eyeball grows and is formed, so that made laser correction previously agreed age can bring a positive result for a short period of time. Also the use of laser correction on immature eyeball may cause violation of the full development of this organ, which is fraught with consequences. Therefore, any qualified fail to carry out this procedure on a minor body. Laser vision correction also contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women.

The most common indications allowing procedures are myopia and hyperopia. These vision problems are corrected by one or more procedures, laser correction.

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One treatment lasts no more than two hours and is done on an outpatient basis. Within the allotted time is filling out the necessary papers and documents on spending laser correction, as well as the preparation for the procedure and its implementation. Herself laser therapy lasts no longer than 20 minutes. The laser procedure is performed under light anesthesia and after the completion of the person can safely go home.

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