Laser thermoablation will help in the treatment of epilepsy

Still not found a tool that can save people from epilepsy. Many scientists from all over the world tried to find a miracle cure that can ever save mankind from a serious and complex disease is epilepsy. In humans, patients with epilepsy, severely impaired quality of life and psycho-emotional state, because seizures can occur spontaneously and are often life-threatening for the patient with epilepsy person.

But with the advent of new techniques - laser thermal ablation has become possible to help the sick as resistant epilepsy and autism, and even severe forms of mental retardation.

With the help of thermal ablation can significantly reduce the intensity and number of epileptic seizures. Before the surgery, the patient should be encephalography in order to determine the precise localization of the seizure focus brain, and then in the skull drilled a small hole through which the hearth specialist directs the laser beam. The whole operation is under the control MRI.

This innovative method is ideal for those patients who have seizure zones are located in hard to reach areas of the brain, as well as persons with severe mental disorders and behavioural reactions with concomitant diseases.

After laser thermal ablation rehabilitation period lasts long, and in the material plane operation is not too dorogostayskaja, but after it takes a long course of treatment of steroid drugs. Complications are usually minimal and occur much less frequently than in craniotomy. Many patients already on the next day after the thermal ablation can be discharged from the hospital and sent home.

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