Laser therapy to change eye color

Want to change your eye color permanently? Soon you will be able to do it, according to Dr. Gregg Homer of the United States. There was developed a laser treatment that can turn your brown eyes blue .

Dr. Gregg Homer, claims that 20 seconds of laser light, you can remove the pigment of brown eyes so that they gradually become blue, and is currently seeking funding to continue clinical trials of its groundbreaking research that may mean the end of the era of colored contact lenses. It will take at least 18 months to complete the safety tests .However, other experts in the field of ophthalmology warns that the process may cause vision problems, because too much light can damage the pupil, the BBC reports. For the procedure by scanning the template is created, according to which the laser passes on all the surface of the iris of the eye several times. However, the treatment takes only 20 seconds. Uses two frequencies that are absorbed by the dark pigment, so there is no danger of damage to the rest of the eye. The body recognizes tissue damage and sends protein for recovery, and the dead tissue is digested at the cellular level. After the first week of treatment, eye color darkens as the fabric changes its characteristics. Then begins the process of purification, and later from one to three weeks is blue. Meanwhile, other experts in the field of study eyes expressed doubts about this method, because the presence of pigment in the iris of the eye has its justification and its absence may lead to problems with vision. The inventor of the method object that is destroyed only the top layer, which is not of great importance for health.

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