Laser resurfacing of the face

Causes noticeable defects of the skin variety, but, as a rule, remove them with the help of cosmetics and folk ways quite difficult. Sometimes the situation may even worsen.

Fortunately, science does not stand still, to help people to maintain health, youth and smoothness of the skin not so long ago came apparatus cosmetology. Today it has gained considerable popularity among the population of our country.

Laser resurfacing (laser, peeling) is an innovative method that allows you to remove microjustice old skin. After resurfacing the skin using a special apparatus, much of it is updated its appearance becomes healthier, the person looks younger than his years.

Laser resurfacing procedure is performed in several stages. The skin is removed plots, the size of which is not more than a hundredth of a millimeter. The Landry this procedure allows the maximum to avoid injury to the skin. The maximum effect is already apparent after 3-5 treatments. While on the treated areas of the skin is renewed, in others it remains intact.

Under the influence of the laser in the layers of the skin activates the process of production of collagen, the basis of connective tissue. Thanks to collagen, the skin becomes elastic and smooth, supple. A week after grinding fine lines are smoothed, facial contours tightened, fade age spots, improves skin tone. Laser treatment allows to achieve fast visible rejuvenation of the face.

Depending on the skin condition, the specialist determines the duration of the procedure and the required number of sessions. The best results could be achieved in cases where the collagen in humans produces a natural way. As a rule, in order to achieve the desired result, you need to take a course of 4-5 sessions, but, in rare cases, it is enough and one procedure (removal of small and minor wrinkles, spots). After the end of the recovery period (about 2 weeks), the skin becomes nourished and smooth. Scars and stretch marks require longer exposure, since the laser beam in such cases, operates on a fractional level. Excess connective tissue removed literally on the checks.

As soon as the skin after the procedure, laser resurfacing will get the natural color and appearance, the person may return to his former lifestyle. Young and beautiful skin will be the best compensation for minor discomfort associated with the procedure and recovery period.

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