Laser removal of warts - treatments

One of the most effective ways of getting rid of such unwanted formations as warts is to remove them with a laser. The essence of this method consists in the purposeful influence on the pathogenic region of the laser beam. The fabric in the body of the warts completely destroyed.

For the procedure used erbium or carbondioxide laser. The first operates in such a way that the removal of body warts occurs layer by layer. Cells simply evaporate under the influence of laser pulses. The CO2 laser penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, therefore, provides not only the vaporization of tissue, but the relief vessels. The blood supply to the tumor is blocked and the wart dies.

Laser removal of warts is in high demand in the centers of aesthetic medicine, as the whole operation takes some few minutes, when a patient loses the ability to work. During the procedure, the technician can adjust the diameter of the irradiated area and the intensity of the waves. When removing warts with a laser excluded bleeding and getting into the wound all sorts of infections. On the location of the mass will not be left scars. Also, do not worry about the recurrence.

From wart removal should be avoided in hypertension, viral infections, exacerbation of herpes during pregnancy. If the intervention is still necessary, before coming to a procedure, you must consult your doctor.

Burning the warts will not take more than two minutes. May require the use of anesthetics. All depends on the individual pain threshold of the patient and location of the affected area. Anesthesia in this case is the treatment of the skin with a special cream. Sometimes you may have cauterized. After exposure to the laser on the body there is a small recess on healing which will take about a week.

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To remove warts successfully, before the procedure you should not expose your skin to UV rays. If this condition is not observed, then the treated area may occur unwanted pigmentation changes. Within two weeks after the procedure cannot be irradiated spot heat or cold to use the pool, sauna or bath, apply to the treated area cosmetics.

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