Laser peel in cosmetology

More and more people are turning to the beautician, any defects on the skin on the face and body, and, increasingly, doctors are using laser radiation for correction of deficiencies.

In the field of cosmetology laser beams were used 30 years ago, their use in different fields, such as surgery, laser correction, different therapies and diagnostics. Laser and medical cosmetology remain to this day very in demand among women.

When the laser affects the skin of the person, then such effects:

-the skin becomes more elastic,

-stronger immune system,

-tissue cells, slowing their aging,

inflammatory sites heal.

Let's not forget that every useful substances, there is the other side of the coin. Therefore, this procedure should be performed under the supervision of professionals.

Often patients use laser peel or as it is called resurfacing. This procedure is mainly used for skin rejuvenation. After laser irradiation, the skin becomes smooth, produces collagen, which maintains its strength and elasticity of the peeling Effect will persist for several months.

Laser peel is applied with the following statement:

traces of acne, enlarged pores of the skin;

- closed or open comedones;

various wrinkles;

- pigmentation and roughness of the skin;

- if you have poor circulation;

- reduced level of collagen in the skin.

The procedure is performed on erbium lasers to smooth and eliminate skin imperfections without burning the skin, due to the high speed of operation of the laser.

In addition to the rejuvenating effects, grinding help in dealing with scars and stretch marks. The procedure lasts half an hour, and the redness will disappear in a week.

Laser peel can do for people: herpes in acute condition, various purulent diseases and hyperpigmentation.

The main advantage of laser treatment is painless this procedure, since the laser beams are not dosageus nerve endings. Heat rays of the grinding disinfect the skin and prevents the risk of infectious contamination.

After the laser procedure is the recovery mode. It lasts relatively long, if you follow all the advice of the doctor-cosmetician. This is mainly selected cosmetics and sunscreen with a very high effect protection. This is all you need to protect, new, fragile skin from harmful effects.

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Laser peel will help to preserve the beauty and youthfulness of the skin for many years, without any risk to health.

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