Laser acne treatment

Acne (acne) is a chronic inflammatory skin disease caused by a blockage of the sebaceous glands. Can be called multiple causes of this disease: the transition to adulthood, hormonal activity, stress and depression, poor diet and problems with the digestive tract. Due to this diversity of causes of this disease, can seriously complicate the life inherent in people of all ages.

To get rid of acne is difficult. Inflamed problematic skin condition inhibits the emotional state of a person, making him insecure. Fortunately, acne is not a sentence. With proper attention to their health and timely address to the dermatologist-cosmetician can be achieved in the treatment of this disease significant progress.

One of the most effective modern methods of cosmetic treatment is laser acne removal, after the first treatments showing excellent results.

As it happens?

During the procedure a high-precision laser beam directed into the skin, it completely destroys the source of infection. "Side a" positive effect is to increase blood circulation, increase resistance to infection, improving intercellular interaction. The result of procedures performed becomes full recovery of the skin and the absence of complications. During the session, the patient does not experience discomfort, additionally, using this method does not entail a long recovery period.

How many treatments are required?

The course of acne treatment should be individualized to the patient's doctor dermocosmetology. Typically requires up to 6 treatments. The interval between sessions may be about a month. However, noticeable improvements occur after the first of the conducted therapy sessions.

To maintain the received therapeutic effect once per year, you can carry out preventive treatments of laser therapy. In addition, you cannot neglect homemade skin care with the use of cosmetics.

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Like most methods, laser acne treatment is contraindicated, which include malignant tumors of the skin, infectious diseases in the acute forms of herpes. Therefore, the decision to conduct such treatment should be taken only after consultation with a professional dermatologist. If contraindications for the patient are not available, laser acne removal will be a real salvation for those who are tired of unsuccessful struggle with acne and want to enjoy beautiful clear skin.

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