Laryngitis is an inflammatory process that affects the mucous membrane of the larynx and vocal cords. For this disease is characterized by the appearance of cough and loss of voice.

The emergence of laryngitis may be associated with various infections and non-communicable factors. This disease develops as a consequence of respiratory viruses (influenza, adenovirus etc), some bacteria. Also a possible cause of this pathology is considered to be inhalation of chemicals, Smoking, reflux of gastric contents when gastroesophagal the reflux. It is worth noting that this disease can occur due to excessive tension of the vocal cords (singing, long lectures). As predisposing factors in the development of laryngitis are injuries of the larynx and vocal cords, hypothermia, chronic diseases of the respiratory system.

Laryngitis is characterized by inflammation and edema of the mucous membrane of the larynx and vocal cords. Marked infiltration of inflammatory fluid through the wall of the larynx. We are talking about the exudate that accumulates in the lumen of this organ. Consequently, there is a cough. For edema of the vocal cords well upset tone of voice, or its possible disappearance.

The initial stage of laryngitis is manifested as a change in the voice. It gets rough and raucous nature. In some cases, it may be a complete loss. Simultaneously with this symptom appears dry, scratchy and soreness in the throat. Generally, laryngitis patient complains of the unkempt appearance of dry cough with little mucous sputum. Pronounced inflammatory changes are manifested by difficulty breathing. This may indicate the spread to other parts of the upper respiratory tract. In the case of an infectious nature of the disease there is increased body temperature and General intoxication.

Laryngitis in young children is manifested somewhat differently. Pronounced inflammatory process in the mucosa of the larynx may be the cause of obstruction and the development of false croup. This is due to the small diameter of the respiratory tract. So with this disease in children significant breathing problems.

Laryngitis may be complicated by loss of voice, false croup in children, tracheitis, bronchitis, etc.

Instrumental diagnosis includes laryngoscope. This study helps to assess the condition of the affected mucous membranes. In some cases use a more modern method of visualization. We are talking about endoscopy. In the presence of infection symptoms with laboratory diagnosis to confirm a possible cause of laryngitis. This purpose is carried out serological studies and microscopy.

Treatment of laryngitis is conservative in nature. First of all, the main task is to eliminate all the possible causes. Recommended maximum limit of conversations within 7 days. From the diet it is necessary to exclude acute and irritating foods. Also prohibited from drinking alcoholic beverages and Smoking.

If laryngitis is caused by bacteria, is the prescription of antibacterial therapy. A pronounced dry cough is an indication for the use of antitussive drugs and thinners sputum. The presence of fever involves the use of fever-reducing medicine.

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