Large vocabulary reduces the risk of dementia in old age

The aging process affects not only the visceral part of the man, but his nervous system. As a result the development in the number of cases of dementia or senile dementia. An intermediate option between norm and pathology is called cognitive impairment. The main symptoms - partial loss of skills and forgetfulness, writes Psych Central.

Scientists from the University of Santiago de Compostela watched the mechanisms of development of cognitive impairment. They were able to establish that the aging human brain begins to use its internal resources to fill generated in memory of emptiness. Such reserves are not amenable to full and objective assessment, however, we know that vocabulary can act as a buffer.

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The results were confirmed in a study involving 326 people older than 50 years. 222 people had no pathology, the remaining 104 suffered impairment in cognitive function. Scientists assessing vocabulary and level of education of volunteers, found that cognitive impairment was more common in the second group.

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