Large city sostarivayut skin

Scientists have conducted studies and evaluated the health of the skin 200 women women depending on their place of residence. The age of the volunteers ranged from 35 to 40 years, women lived in big cities or rural areas.

It turned out skin health depends on the environment of the place of residence. The skin of the inhabitants of the old city much faster. It should be noted that the volunteers were healthy lifestyle, the amount of the skin to sunlight was about the same.

Was it bad ecology of cities. In the air of large cities contain many metal salts, dust that clogs the pores. Systematic effects of damaging factors disrupts the barrier function of the skin, as a result, she stops to look healthy, flaky and wrinkled.

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Scientists believe that an excessive amount of sunlight affects the skin, not as a negative, as do the dangerous chemical substances contained in the air of large cities.

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