65-year-old German Annegret makes clear twins gave birth to four — three boys and a girl. It is reported that German became the most elderly woman in the world who gave birth to the quadruplets. The weight of a newborn warerooms from 655 to 960 grams, height — 30 to 35 inches, according to the TV channel RTL. Now the children are in special incubators.

Large 65-year-old German woman gave birth to three boys and a girl

In addition to twin babies, the woman already has 13 children and seven grandchildren. The eldest son is already 44, and younger daughter 10 years, according to Macleans.ca.

According to mothers, she decided to have a pregnancy just because of the fact that her youngest daughter asked for a little brother or sister. It is reported that Raunig went to Ukraine for the necessary medical procedures and transplantation of a fertilized egg.

Annegret makes clear works in a primary school as a teacher of Russian and English languages.

It is worth noting that Annegret makes clear, cannot be called "the old mother".

Large 65-year-old German woman gave birth to three boys and a girl

Omkari Panwar from India in 70 years we decided to try IVF. For this family Panwar had to take decisive action — to sell Buffalo and take a big loan to pay for IVF. In the end Omkari 8 months successfully gave birth to twins - a boy and a girl. After giving birth to twins, Omkari Panwar recognized the most elderly mum in the world.

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