Lack of sleep leads to obesity and depression

It is known that sleep disorders suffers more than one hundred million Americans, and is obese 70 million people in the United States, from depression also suffer from more than 20 million. According to research by scientists from Penn State University between obesity, depression and sleep problems are directly related.

"Epidemic daytime sleepiness because of a lack of sleep at night coincided with the American nation with the epidemic of obesity and depression," said study author Alexandros Vgontzas. Free sample of patients scientists over the past seven years 22 people said about the constant sleepiness during the day, most of them start to gain weight over the years. By contrast, those who lose weight, talked about the best sleep at night.

Lack of sleep and daytime sleepiness were direct factors in the development of obesity. According to the sample of patients from the constant strong sleepiness suffers 8 percent of people, from mild drowsiness to about 38 percent. As a rule, patients with these symptoms were also observed predisposition to depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, not to mention the fact that sleepiness in the workplace leads to injuries.

"To improve public safety, a priority for the American nation should be the fight against obesity, depression and sleep disorders", says Vgontzas.

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