Lack of sleep leads to increased cholesterol levels

However, and to diseases of the cardiovascular system. Experts from the University of Helsinki have established that even a week's sleep deficit is dangerous for the human body. Violation of sleep and wakefulness quickly affect the level of cholesterol, says The Indian Express.

In popular science like to divide cholesterol into "useful" and "harmful". The thing is this. A small amount of this substance is vital to maintain health. Cholesterol is part of cell membranes, without it synthesized a hormones, including sex. However, the increase of level of cholesterol affects the walls of blood vessels. The lumen gradually narrowed, leading to heart disease.

Constant lack of sleep affects the whole body. One of the reactions to lack of sleep – hormonal imbalance. Along with chronic fatigue this factor affects a person's mood and working condition of its organs.

Experts recommend to consume as little junk food high in fat. Along with an active lifestyle, this tactic will allow you to live a long and happy life.

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