Lack of sleep is more harmful than Smoking – scientists

The lack and poor quality of sleep affect the body stronger than Smoking cigarettes. Both factors in several times increase the risk of heart disease, heart attacks and strokes.

Science says people who regularly nedosypayuschie face strokes 4 times more often than those who can afford 7-8 hour night sleep. Also affected by frequent nocturnal awakenings, nocturnal restlessness, the need to interrupt sleep.

Doctors have analyzed the health of 657 volunteers aged 25-64 years. None at the start of the study had no strokes, heart attacks and diabetes. We evaluated the quality and duration of sleep for 14 years and the relationship of these factors with the above listed diseases.

63% of the observed experiencing a heart attack, had trouble sleeping. In the interview, the majority admitted, except for disorders of the cardiovascular system, sleep deprivation affect mental health, reduced stress and performance.

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