Lack of sleep increases the incidence of students

Healthy sleep and save routine keep your immune system in optimal condition along with regular exercise, a sensible diet and exercise in fresh air. Before scientists have proven that lack of sleep can serve as a key reason for the increased incidence of colds and infectious diseases. A group of scientists from the Laboratory sleep research Hospital Bradley smog to find out how the associated processes of sleep, frequency, and duration of disease, according to Zee News, referring to the work of Catherine Orzech.

Scientists have studied the frequency of absence from school because of illness and the number of hours allotted for sleep for each individual student, held a study. It has been proven that children who get enough sleep, rarely suffered from colds and had a more robust immune system. Scientists noticed that girls are significantly more likely to miss school because of illness, and the boys are healthier and more resistant to infectious agents. The present study was conducted in this school in real terms, and allows you to trace the relationship between sleep and body immunity.

On the state of the barrier functions of the body was affected by the mode and order of day, amount of sleep on weekdays and weekends. Chronic sleep deprivation is often accompanied by frequent colds, increased levels of cholesterol in the blood, diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Research has shown that lack of sleep is extremely harmful to immature body and even a slight lack of sleep significantly increases the risk of infectious diseases.

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