Lack of sleep causes diabetes - scientists

Scientists from the University of Chicago conducted a study involving 19 men aged 18-30 years. It was found three days on 4 hours of sleep a night increases the levels of fatty acids in the blood. OK, this figure increases at night, and by morning again decreases, reports Zee News.

The lack of sleep has led to increased levels of fatty acids by 15-30%. This effect combined with the broken resistance of the tissues to insulin. This factor is a manifestation of prediabetes. When combined with other hazards may develop persistent metabolic disorders.

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Lack of sleep alters the production of norepinephrine. Because of this jumping levels of fatty acids, metabolism. Lipid metabolism affect the metabolism of sugars in the blood. Note that the first study on the relationship of sleep and diabetes, was conducted 15 years ago. During this period of time scientists have made a major breakthrough in the treatment of this disease.

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