Lack of sleep can cause obesity

Deficiency of sleep can alter brain activity. This leads to an irresistible desire to eat high-calorie foods. Sky News, citing the opinion of the scientists write that decrease the quality and quantity of sleep, which is observed in industrialized countries, is one of the main causes of obesity.

University of California ,taking a group of volunteers, tried to understand the changes in brain activity. For the study was taken by the MRI machine. Was conducted brain scans of 23 participants in the experiment. The survey was conducted in two stages. The first stage was conducted the scan after a restful sleep, the second - after sleep deprivation. After each stage, the respondents were asked to choose various portions and types of 80 dishes, measuring while brain activity.

In the vast majority of sleep was identified pathology of the cerebral cortex, the part which is responsible for appetite and satiety. Identified and increased activity of areas of the cortex responsible for food cravings. That's why when people sleep subconsciously preferred high-calorie food. The decision on the quantity and quality of consumed food was taken incorrectly.

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