Lack of sleep accelerates the growth of tumors - the scientists

Poor quality of sleep, the lack of it affect human health. In particular, according to scientists from the University of Chicago, this factor accelerates the growth of cancer tumors and increases the aggressiveness of cancer cells. Lack of sleep lowers immunity, which allows tumors to grow faster, writes The Times of India.

All the matter in the specific receptor responsible for the transfer of information. It helps in controlling the immune system. When lack of sleep, his work is disturbed, which leads to increased frequency of cancer.

The theory was confirmed in the experiments with laboratory mice. One group of scientists is constantly stirred, not allowing them to sleep properly. The second group was sleeping normally. Next, each group is introduced into the blood cancer cells.

Soon all the animals began to develop neoplastic process. It was found that the tumor growth in mice with lack of sleep was twice as fast. The tissues was more active, leading to more rapid death of the mice.

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