Lack of copper in the body helps fight cancer

Some types of cancer are strongly dependent on the concentration of copper in the human body. Monitoring the performance of the metal - weak spot disease, reports The Telegraph. Thus, blockers of copper in the body in the future may become the basis for anticancer therapy.

There is a separate type of tumors associated with a mutation in a skin disease. Such tumors for proper growth of the desired copper. The most common tumor type is a skin disease melanoma or skin cancer. The disease is very difficult, high mortality.

The scientific staff of the Medical school of Duke University conducted an experiment that proved blockers copper prevent the cancer cells to grow and develop. Similar effect has the remedy of Wilson's disease, a genetic disorder in which increases the concentration of copper in various tissues of the body. Hardest-hit in the liver and brain.

Scientists believe that the use in the treatment of melanoma drugs against Wilson's disease is justified. The main thing is that the nature of the tumor was well established. Not every cancer process is associated with metabolic copper.

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