Kurchatov Institute will allocate 170 million rubles to build a "Soldier of the future"

Kurchatov Institute will be available within three years subsidies in the form of 170 million rubles for the development of a set of "Soldier of the future" - writes the newspaper Vedomosti.

The purpose of developing this system is to pursue maximum distance fights using martial devices. "Soldier of the future will be able to engage in 2020. In the same year must have completed the development of equipment "soldier of the future", which is successfully operating multiple businesses.

In addition, the research Institute of robotics and technical Cybernetics (RTC), St. Petersburg in 2013 made the order on the development of a robotic device to search for the evacuation of wounded from the battlefield.

All these developments sponsored by the Foundation for advanced studies, which was created by Dmitry Rogozin year ago. The main objective of the Fund is to support innovative inventions in the field of defence.

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