Krasnoyarsk scientists suggested that cancer vaccine

Krasnoyarsk scientists in the course of their work could upgrade the vaccine against cancer. According to the press-Secretary of the Fund for the support of science of the Krasnoyarsk region Galina Prokofievna proposed vaccine has 100 times more efficient than existing tools.

It's all in a new scheme impacts. For routine vaccines, the patient is taken to a culture of dendritic cells. The cells multiply and alter their genetic code. The result is the drug, with the introduction of destroying tumor tissue.

The new modification is the following. Preparation before the introduction stabilize. In cells normalize the metabolism and activate their tumor material. This procedure allows to increase the effectiveness of treatment in 100 times.

Scientists plan to begin clinical trials this year. To examine the effectiveness of the drug will be called a group of 60 volunteers with cancer. If the vaccine passes all tests, it will start mass production within five years.

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