Korean scientists have created a DNA-vaccine against cervical cancer

Scientists from Phonoscope University (Korea) has developed a DNA vaccine of the new generation. The purpose of the drug treatment of cervical cancer. Efficiency at the first introduction of more than 70%.

Vaccine clinical trials have tested on nine volunteers. In seven cases, the traces of the cancer completely disappeared. In the near future Korean scientists will review the traditional scheme of treatment of oncological diseases. It is possible that the vaccine will become standard in the treatment of all cancer diseases.

Another group of scientists trying to control cancer, affecting the cause of the disease. According to one theory, the cause of cancer is human papilloma virus. Experts managed to destroy two genes of the virus, these structures are responsible for the development of cervical cancer.

For carrying out such complex manipulations required the use of inactivated virus HIV. The virus was applied to the images of cancer cells, resulting in cancer in vitro stopped growing.

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