Known sedative bad for your cardiovascular system

Interesting conclusions made by scientists regarding side effect of zolpidem. This sedative has great popularity. Over hundreds of thousands of people regularly take the drug in order to overcome insomnia. As it turned out, taking zolpidem increases the risk of heart attack by 50%, according to DNA India. When parsing medical cases have proven that taking sleeping pills is associated with the direct risk of premature death.

Four tablets per year increase the risk by 20%. 60 tablets per year increase the likelihood of heart attack by 50%. Scientists say that the study is unique in its kind. Previously no one spent analogy between the disorders of the cardiovascular system and the receiving of the group of sleeping drugs.

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Today is uncertain, whether sleeping increases the risk of disease, or in this pathological process is affected by other external factors. Just test was attended by five thousand people. The official representative of the drug had time to refute the information, referring to the conduct of global clinical trials.

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