Knee replacement: take care of health while you are young

How indifferently sometimes people can treat their own health, stated in numerous medical brochures, and programs that are broadcast on national channels. Dr. tirelessly at every opportunity to remind you that prevention is the best treatment, and that it is much easier to prevent disease than to spend time and money to fight it. And yet, most of us still catches on at the moment when the problem starts to interfere with life, and sometimes requires urgent intervention.

Issues that require urgent resolution (such as appendicitis), of course, cannot be prevented, however, in some cases, the disease progresses slowly over several years (it is primarily concerned with diseases of musculoskeletal system). And only when one is confronted with the inability to easily perform these simple actions, such as climbing up and down the stairs, a visit to the doctor becomes a necessity and not relegated to holidays, vacations or any other occasion. Problems with the knee joint is one of the most common cases in medical practice, this is facilitated by:

Unfortunately, sometimes it is already too late, and the only solution in some cases remains a knee replacement.


You should know that not all diseases musculoskeletal require such drastic measures. The surgery to replace the knee joint shown if the patient has identified the following diseases:

In any case, it should be remembered that the decision to have knee replacement should be made by the physician. The operation is performed only if no medical treatment may not lead to positive results. However, if you still need the intervention of this kind, to perceive this should calmly. Rehabilitation after knee replacement surgery with no complications is about two months, after which the patient forget about their problems for a few decades. The doctor must also set the necessary diagnostic procedures (pre-notifying the patient about possible contraindications and consequences):

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The price of this operation will depend on the clinic and the country in which the patient chooses to be; of course, wealthy people will choose Israeli or German specialists, for example, in Russia known orthopedic clinic in Kassel (Germany) or "clinic Assuta" (Israel). And remember: in any case, you should consult with specialists. The patient has the right to receive comprehensive information about their disease and about all the possible consequences, which can lead methods and ways of its treatment.

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