Kitchenware - sustainable source of pathogenic bacteria

Scientists have found that the items of daily use in the kitchen, especially boards and surface - are a source of resistant bacteria Escherichia coli and other pathogens. Information shared edition DNA India. Previously it was thought that resistant flora is formed only in hospitals. According to the latest data, to pick up a dangerous infection can, in the comfort of your own home.

That is why it is so important to observe the rules of personal hygiene. When the butchering of meat and contact with the cutting surfaces should be thoroughly wash their hands and all household items. Scientists raised the alarm after analysis 298 kitchen boards for cooking fish and meat. Analysis of the flora was carried out before washing boards.

Scientists in 3.5% of cases detected sample sustainable pathogen Escherichia coli. In some cases, the bacterium causes severe disease not amenable to conventional treatment with antibiotics. Note that the type of meat did not play a particular role.

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