Kitchen knife - a breeding ground for infections

Scientists from the Center for food safety University of Georgia found that the dirtiest place in the house is the kitchen. It must be emphasized that we are talking about bacteria, not viruses.

All home items, one way or another, affect the health of a person. And studies have shown that the most dangerous and malicious turned out to be a kitchen knife. Dangerous viruses, which he carries. This fact is confirmed by many experiments. One of them was investigated knife and grater.

Knife and grater were taken brand new. Pre-six kinds of fruits and vegetables handled by two viruses - hepatitis a and norovirus. Then began to RUB and cutting products. As a result, the knife and grater turned into vectors of dangerous infections.

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Of course, to prevent unpleasant consequences it is necessary to strictly observe all safety precautions of hygiene in the preparation of a dish. Especially for these rules you should follow people with weakened immune systems.

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