Kissing is transmitted beneficial bacteria - scientists

A research team from the Netherlands organization for applied scientific research conducted a study, it was found that for a 10-second kiss from one mouth to another time to go up to 80 million bacteria. However, this exchange of flora turned out to be useful, he, scientists believe, strengthens the immune system.

Information on the transfer of bacteria of the mouth during the kiss was known for a long time, however, the scientific evidence of benefit or harm from the kiss wasn't until the last moment. Scientists conducted an experiment with the participation of 21 pairs. People kissing with different intensity and duration.

If partners do not suffer from serious bacterial infections and immune deficiency, the chance of catching something is reduced to zero. Moreover, the alien flora activates and strengthens the immune system, prevents the development of severe infections.

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It is worth noting that 80 million bacteria - not so much as it might seem at first glance. Each person's body contains up to a trillion representatives of the world of unicellular.

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