Kindness to others will allow you to avoid ridicule and bullying in school

Children who do good deeds towards others, significantly improve their lives, as in this case, increase their personal indicators of happiness, and they become more and more popular among peers, writes The Sydney Morning Herald. The data obtained in the result of joint research experts from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and the University of California. Scientists studied more than 400 children, whose age was 9-11 years old.

Children were divided into two random groups. Representatives of the first group each week had to visit their favorite places. Among them was a commercial center and the home of the grandparents.

Children from the second group did good deeds three times a week. For example, helping a senior to make the purchase, shared lunch.

After months of research, the representatives of the second group were much happier than the children from the first, and in General, the proposed strategy is similar behavior was positive, increasing the level of well-being of children from both groups.

But only the children from the second group were better taken around their peers, they are more likely to choose their company. Thus, each of these children was, on average, half of the other more.

They advised the teachers to introduce a special object, which involves assisting people. The child who is doing good things, it is easier establishes contact with peers and avoids possible ridicule from their side.

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