Kindergarten increases the risk of cardiovascular disease

All mothers who wish to early to send their children to kindergarten, should know that staying in it increases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease in later life.

Dr. Arik, Sigman, a member of the Royal medical community believes that holding long periods of time in the care of strangers leads to a serious increase in the stress hormone. Which in turn entails the risk of many problems - from simple coughs and colds to heart disease in school. In a particularly important years of his life deprived of the attention of the mother, the child simply can not stop worrying and not to react to stress.

Studies have been conducted of the level of cortisol in children attending kindergarten, and spending the day with mom. It turned out that almost all children from three years in the kindergarten level of the stress hormone significantly increased, and it is in this period that the child's brain especially is growing rapidly.

High levels of cortisol also works to lower resistance to infection.

Such a discovery has sparked debate in the field of women's rights, self-determination, as mother often motivated by the desire to build a career by caring for the child, when in fact, everything looks different.

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