Kids memory deteriorates under the influence of polluted air

Bad ecology affects all organs and systems of man. On the eve of experts from the University of Montana has proven that children growing up in conditions of air pollution, are more likely to have violations of short-term memory, brain inflammation and the development of Alzheimer's disease in the future. Data provided by the publication of The News Reports.

Researchers compared two groups of children from Mexico city. The assessment has been their age, gender, level of residue parents, and education. In children living in contaminated environments, scientists have discovered the gene ApoE4. This structure increases the risk of Alzheimer's disease compared with carriers of different variations of the gene - ApoE3.

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Bad ecology, scientists believe, leads to deterioration of memory and cognitive abilities. This is due to the metabolism. Scientists emphasize. Even a difference of 10 points of IQ can have a serious impact on a child's progress and his ability to adapt in the children's team.

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