Kids love regular play stronger electronic gadgets – the scientists

Scientists conducted a survey of 370 parents with children aged 6 months to 4 years. Most children are already two years actively used electronic devices for entertainment. Half of the children under one year old were watching TV, the third played with the phone, 25% tried to call video games on the console played 12%.

Studies show that early exposure of the child to the electronic device reflects on the process of learning and socialization. Phones and computers have taken away the time needed Chad to communicate with peers and learning basic skills, writes The Daily Mail.

Surveys prove that ordinary backyard games for kids is much more interesting than gadgets. To build a tent, for example, children like more than to play with the tablet. Scientists advise parents to spend more time with children instead of replacing electronic entertainment devices. A visit to the science Museum, a trip to the zoo or the beach for most of the children will open new horizons and new emotions. In addition, the joint make the family members closer to each other.

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