Kids can extend the life of the parent the average of three years

Experts from the Karolinska University (Sweden) found that the presence of children in the family increases the duration of the lifetime of the parents. The obtained results were placed in one of the scientific journals Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health.

In the study, researchers studied data on life expectancy more than 1.6 million elderly living in Sweden who were born in the years 1910-1924. Also data was collected on the marital status of these people, the number of children in the family and their sex. And it turned out that taking into account all factors that affect the duration of life, the mortality rate was lower in people who had at least one child, and by the way, it concerned to a greater extent life expectancy for men than women. For example, the average man at the age of 80 years, without children, can live for about seven years, and the one who has a child about eight years. As for women, they are the same age can live for about nine years with no children, and nine and a half years, those who have children.

According to the researchers, these study results related with the following reasons:

first, when children reach adulthood, they begin to care for their parents;

second, the birth of children in the family entails a transition parents to promote a healthy lifestyle.

And of course, it positively affects the duration and quality of life.

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