Kidney cancer causes red meat

American scientists believe that the staunchest supporters of red meat, a 19 percent greater risk of getting cancer of the kidneys. The problem here is that contained carcinogens that occur when frying meat, provoke the development of this terrible disease.

"Red meat is an important source of protein and iron, why abandon it completely impossible. It is recommended just to limit the consumption of red meat to reasonable, " says Mohammed El-Faramawi physician, founder of the research epidemiologist Institute of North Texas (USA).

The doctor also added that red meat in large quantities causes diseases of the heart and cardiovascular system. Carcinogenic substances occur in the case of contact of the meat with the hot surface of the pan and grid (BBQ grill) or in the period of direct contact with open fire. A vivid example of this would be happening barbecue cooking during picnics.

Scientists recommend to reduce the time of roasting or partly go to cooking meat in a microwave oven.

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