Kherson region has become a center for medical rehabilitation

Discussion of the draft National Medical Academy of Ukraine jointly with the International rehabilitation clinics, Truskavets about the environmental organization the city on the Arabat spit in the Kherson region with the launch of a modern rehabilitation centre.

The selected place is a unique ecological system, which combines the healing climate, mineral waters and therapeutic muds. Today already built 32 thousand square meters of multi-functional rehabilitation cents. In this center children and adults will be able to obtain specialized neurological consultation and diagnostic assistance. Children with cerebral palsy will be able to neurophysiological rehabilitation of the renowned methodology Professor Kozyavkin of Vladimir Ilyich. Rehabilitation complex daily will serve up to 1000 thousands of patients. This is a good opportunity to improve the health not only of Ukrainian patients, but also patients from all over the world.

Medical rehabilitation is an essential component of the treatment of severe neurological lesions. Quality and svoevremennaya allows patients to self-service, return them to the social environment, the state reduces the cost of maintaining people with disabilities.

Today, according to the Ministry of health, in Ukraine there are only 31 000 children with lesions of the nervous system and among those diagnosed with cerebral palsy - 20 976.

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Data used the press center of Ministry of health of Ukraine

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