Kharkiv regional perinatal center to be

Kharkiv region is in the first three regions, which should be open modern perinatal centers. Despite the fact that such a perinatal center already exists in Kharkiv on the basis of the fourth maternity hospital opens new at the regional clinical hospital.

The opening of a new perinatal centre in the city will improve the quality of care for infants not only for residents but also for the residents of Kharkiv region.

"Construction work is carried out in continuous mode. In parallel with these issues on equipment purchases. As soon as the construction works are over, the equipment will be installed. And most importantly - trained doctors and nurses. Kharkiv approach I really like, because doctors will be able to work. This approach, when for a short period of time people solve complex problems, always impressed only with this attitude can move forward," said Irina Akimova, first Deputy Head of the presidential Administration of Ukraine.

Source: press center of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration

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