Key activities for the treatment of spinal curvature

Most often, the curvature of the spine is diagnosed at an early age and, despite the numerous possibilities of modern medicine remains pathology. The child, who was diagnosed with scoliosis, kyphosis or hyperlordosis, observed in varying degrees, expressed posture.

We recommend that you do before the treatment of spinal curvature?

1. To identify the cause that triggered the disease.

2. The degree of development of scoliosis.

3. The speed of development of the disease.

Before treatment, be sure to visit a specialist, so as to self-medicate is strictly prohibited.

Curvature of the spine in a child - how to fix?

If you notice even a small deviation from the norm, be sure to visit a podiatrist and, if need be, get treatment immediately. Treatments depend on the severity of scoliosis and complex.

First, talk with your doctor, you should provide a child with an orthopedic mattress, especially when the curvature faintly expressed. Baby mattresses are bought only on medical advice, to buy them is not necessary. In addition, the doctor will indicate the desired level of hardness of the mattress.

Physical education and treatment of spinal curvature

It is extremely important to strengthen the back muscles through exercise. The child is encouraged to perform the exercises every morning, doing exercises aimed at strengthening the spinal muscles.

When hyperlordosis (curved spine and bulging belly) it is recommended to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and back, as well as the lower back and buttocks.

If diagnosed with kyphosis (back stooped, rounded shoulders) shows the tilt and rotation of the head, to breed, and then pull the shoulder blades.

When scoliosis (lateral curvature) should strengthen the muscles of the skeleton. One of the best options in this case is to exercise in water.

Wearing corset

When muscles are weakened (in the second-third degree of scoliosis), shown wearing a corset that can "replace" the muscles. The corset is made to order, so as to make it take into account the individual anatomical features of the patient.

You should do exercise regularly, preferably in the morning,

Massage and physiotherapy

If the child was diagnosed with curvature of the spine, you should use massage techniques. Better to learn how to do this massage yourself, as it is important to listen to the feelings of the child - in some cases, massage can only be hurt if you relax and slack muscles and tone tense.

In addition to massage, the doctor may prescribe a therapy, electrical stimulation of skeletal muscles, acupuncture.


Swimming with the curvature of the spine has a huge positive impact on the muscles and skeleton. Contraindications to sail almost none, except for spinal instability - in this case, you should find an experienced instructor who will tailor an individual program. Be banned from swimming can doctors pediatrician, dermatologist, neuropsychiatrist.

Curvature of the spine in children, with the right approach, you can correct conservative therapy. If the disease is much running and curvature of the spine is 45 degrees, surgery is shown. However, the operation is prescribed infrequently, as often conservative treatment is sufficient.

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