Ketone drinks will help athletes to improve performance

Liquid mixture for the military will soon move on to use in professional and Amateur sports. During normal metabolism the body gets energy from metabolized carbohydrates and fats. If the metabolism is not enough, connects the ketosis phase or starvation. At this time, the body uses fats to obtain the ketones.

Initially, the ketone drink was created for the military. He increased the vigor of the soldiers and gave them extra strength without an infusion of fats and carbohydrates. Now ketones are planning to start to use to enhance athletic performance. According to preliminary data, one serving of beverage helps runners to run 400 more meters in 30 minutes.

The principle of "ketone cocktail is quite simple. The body at some time switches from carbs to ketones available for absorption and efficient energy source. Yet to buy a drink is impossible. Additional testing to confirm its efficacy and safety in the framework of a peaceful life.

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