Just one Cup of yogurt will protect against pressure

Every day drinking a small portion of yogurt, people may reduce by one third the risk of developing high blood pressure, experts say. It's all in calcium, which is very much in yogurt. This element increases the flexibility of blood vessels, so it is easier for them to adapt to changes in blood pressure and at the right time to expand.

Researchers from the University of Minnesota examined the diet of 2 thousands of volunteers, tells Meddaily, referring to The Telegraph. It turned out, the subjects consumed yogurt less often suffered from high blood pressure. The same, in the diets of at least 2% of daily calories were in yogurt, reduced the risk of hypertension by 31% over 15 years. According to calculations of scientists, 2% of the calories are just 100-ounce Cup of yogurt, which you should drink every day. Calcium is essential for the muscles, especially those that form the walls of blood vessels, emphasizes a member of the British dietetic Association Rick Miller. In this regard, it is vital to include in your daily menu dairy foods. With the need to ensure that the organism has not formed an overabundance of calcium. In this case, on the walls of blood vessels will begin to form deposits, which would lead to a General hardening of the arteries. If we talk about the yogurt, it is useful bacteria can also regulate the pressure. But of course, hope for the yogurt as an alternative medicine type of beta-blockers and inhibitors of angiotensin-converting enzyme hypertensive patients not worth it.

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