Jumping rope reduce food cravings

Japanese scientists in the study found that jumping rope is more effective in reducing food cravings than any other exercises. Researchers have found that during vertical jumps start to operate the hormones that control appetite. During exercise skipping rope adjustable function of the hunger hormone ghrelin. In addition, it was found that jumping is much more effective than Jogging or riding a stationary Bicycle Regulation of hormone levels was observed also during the movement of the left and right or forward and backward.

To test their hypothesis, the scientists watched 15 healthy volunteers, whose age averaged 24 years. They are on different days 30 minutes of jumping over the rope, just rested and exercised on a stationary bike. During the exercise, and after them, the scientists made measurements of the levels of appetite hormones, making allowances for the consumption of energy during practice.

In addition, researchers interviewed participants regarding how hungry are they, and if so, how much. However, scientists were interested in, what products would prefer volunteers: sweet, sour, salty or fatty. It turned out that those volunteers who rode on the bike and jump rope, felt less hungry. Similar satiety continued techenie minutes, and after half an hour of the participants was again measured hormone levels. Jumpers rope continued to be less hungry, and at the same time, they had less craving for fatty foods.

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