Joint photo spouses pages in social networks indicate that a strong marriage

Psychologists from the University of California conducted a study whose purpose was to establish the influence of social networks on relations between the spouses. According to the study's author Laura Saslow, pictures couples published on the page of the social network, talk about strong family relationships. Additionally, psychologists have found that published the page information and pictures significantly strengthen the relationship between partners.

The study involved users of Facebook who were spouses. A large part of the published family photos of the users said that he is happy in the marriage. In addition, pictures together with your spouse on your page, kinda reminds his opponents that this person is in lawful wedlock.

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Additionally, psychologists have found that the posts about living together, family leisure, as well as joint publication of the photos appear in those days, the users of the social network are considered one of the happiest in his life.

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