Joint lunch with colleagues more productive

Much dinners bring people together and improve their performance, the researchers found. Within 15 months they followed 395 workers firefighters and their colleagues. It turned out that eating together is good for people's desire to interact with each other and the desire to efficiently solve business issues.

Experts advise companies to provide a place where employees can eat. Will suit even a small room within the office building. There is an office in the dining room or the kitchen instead of the workplace and hygienic, and practical from the point of view of health.

In another study, scientists noticed that fresh air greatly improves the workability of employees. The room should be well ventilated and the air does not contain dangerous compounds. It should be remembered that air conditioners usually do not possess ventilation function, and are "a fridge for the room". Sometimes it is better to open the window instead of lowering the temperature in the working room.

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