Joint disease - symptoms and causes

Diseases of the joints, generally fall into two groups: arthrosis and arthritis. The arthritis affecting the joints, which is inflammatory in nature. The arthritis also called non-inflammatory diseases. Joint disease occur most often as the effects of certain disorders or illness. Causes of arthritis a lot. It is the result of infection, for example, moved from a sore throat, tuberculosis, dysentery, flu, or cold. Others include: injuries, malfunctions of the immune system, impaired metabolism, prolonged intoxication, hypothermia, chronic vitamin deficiency. Inflammation in one joint, talk about monoarthritis, and multiple inflammation called polyarthritis. One type of arthritis is known disease - podagra caused by deposition of salts, mainly uric acid.

Manifestations of the disease is joint pain that is worse with movement and load. Gradually increases the stiffness of the joints, and in the absence of proper treatment comes denegrate cartilaginous tissues. Then there are hypothermia and swelling of the inflamed area. Further the disease progresses to the stage of changing the form of compounds with the General deterioration of health, loss of appetite and insomnia, fever and as a consequence weight loss.

Treatment of arthritis is to receive anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory drugs, special exercises and massage. In the initial stage arthritis treatment be hard. In chronic, almost intractable. Therefore, when the first symptoms should contact a doctor to start treatment in the early stages of the disease.

Arthritis is manifested in the growing pains under load or in the evening. There is a rapid ageing of the articular cartilage. Thus, loss of elasticity and gradual extinction. Bone weave between those, on the contrary grows and joint deformation. Be arthrosis of Magus all joints, but often suffer knee and hip joints and interphalangeal on the hands.In the initial stages of this disease used anti-inflammatory drugs, as well as chondroprotective. Prescribed physical therapy treatment and gymnastic routines. Also important normalization of physical activity and a healthy, relaxed lifestyle.

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