Joint disease is often associated with heart disease – scientists

The researchers gathered a group of 91 volunteers. All of the subjects in the course of his life suffered at least one heart attack. Someone doctors revealed rheumatoid arthritis who had initially raised the risk of heart disease from Smoking. Almost 90% of volunteers were women, the average age of the group was 59 years, writes The Daily Mail.

Scientists measured the levels of inflammatory markers in the blood of the subjects, the presence or absence of rheumatoid arthritis, the frequency of heart attacks. Heart volunteers investigated by means of a computer tomograph.

It turned out, in diseases of the joints significantly reduced blood flow to the heart. Some of the volunteers observed the death of tissue. More than half of the group suffered from elevated levels of lipids in the blood, a third of hypertension, 10% of type II diabetes.

Physicians are encouraged to monitor their own health and undergo regular inspection. Rheumatoid arthritis and hypertension can be effectively treated by taking modern drugs. This greatly enhances the quality of life and reduces the risk of sudden death.

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